Charles Tucker
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Constructions are a group of individual works that developed out of on going research into the Ecologies Project, a project that serves as an aesthetic research platform into the ecology of human space and the relationship of value between the external environment and our hermetic qualities of this constructed existence. A number of works have been completed that at their core consider the nature of relationships within the aesthetic space of daily operation, specifically the architectural spaces that we inhabit. These aesthetic works often frame, present or document material arrangements commonly associated in home-buildings. As such they reference both natural and human produced environments and the exchanges that affect the use of these materials and ultimately the effect of those exchanges. More specifically, works within this series are concerned with the aesthetic presentation of these materials, processes and the reference to their sources, forest, earth, water and air are meant to discuss the value, beauty, and the need for conservation and preservation of existing constructions, their materiality, what is gained, lost and hidden.