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Ecologies, is a project that serves as a research platform into the ecology of human space. The term ecology, chosen because of its etymology and original connection to the Greek word oikos or house. A word that in our contemporary period functions as a labeling term for the scientific study of the relationship of living organisms to each other and their surroundings. For the project "Ecologies" a number of works have been completed that at their core consider the nature of aesthetic choices and their impact on environment out side of our human space. To date, works from this project have focused on such relationships that exist between the human obsession with the box and grid in the form of wood frame constructed homes, their spatial distribution and effect on the environments of origin. In the case of works like Ecologies, Simple Red and Forest the vast felling and removal of the Redwood forest during the 19th and 20th centuries specifically, the examination of the internal relationship between the aesthetic choices of our constructed world and their impact natural environment. An underlying reality, the consequences of aesthetic values based on a consumptive configuration whose exchange is oriented, by design, to fragment the consumption of our world from the position of our individual consumption within our framed reality, our constructed space.

Simple Red
Ecologies II, III and IV (Installation)
Douglas Fir, Redwood, Polyethylene and Asbestos Shingles
6 ft x 6 ft ea
Ecologies II
Douglas Fir, Redwood and Polyethelyne
6 ft x 6t
Digital Print
3 ft x 4 ft