Portfolio > The Rhetorical Model "White Boards"

The proposition concerning art as a knowledge and research based practice that guides this project, is premised on an ongoing dialogue between Charles Tucker and Saul Ostrow concerning “art” as an emergent subject; a signifier without a fixed signified. These dialogues center on the terms by which a series of rhetorical object may be mapped/constructed. This term: rhetorical object, which we prefer to relational aesthetics, is not one of our invention but used by Victor Margolin in his discussion of the Russian productivists. Less interested in merging art and design (and therefore art into life) the Productivist were concerned with the idea of modeling everyday life by producing a series of propositions that took aesthetics and semiotics as their organizing principles and everyday objects as their material form. Our dialogues are designed to examine the method and objectives of artistic research, the specifics of the form(s) of presentation and documentation and through a process of mapping provide an alternative understanding of aesthetic production.